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September 30, 2012 Gotalottie 1 Comment
A clear site at last

We’re stuck in a time warp and the World is moving on around us.

A covenant, agreed when Lord Zetland handed over the land to the people of Redcar, appears now, to be a little outdated. A set of rules, forbidding any structure above 4′ high, no lighting of fires and the like, these all hamper our efforts. The council have made things more difficult; no vehicle access to plots, no rubbish collections from the site – not even green waste.

Meanwhile, 15 y.o lads can buy alcohol, smoke funny stuff and do as they wish.

I asked for a meeting with the Council and Police on Tuesday – to discuss the recent anti-social behaviour and to find a way forward in the administration of the site, possibly through an allotment association.

The rules make work difficult and the rewards might appear small. All material brought in or out must be carried or barrowed. The overgrown plots need to be cleared and the waste – carried off to a waste disposal site - at a tenants own expense. That very fact, has seriously deterred people from taking over a plot and without assistance, plots have remained empty – exacerbating the problem.

At last, the Council are listening and on Tuesday they have agreed to set up green waste collections. They have also agreed to opening up the park to controlled vehicle access, to bring in manure and the like. That’s great news for plotholders and it will no doubt motivate people. A site with clear plots will help to tackle the anti-social behaviour too, as it will lift the appearance of the park and stop the tidy plots being singled out for damage. More voices might be heard..

The agreement to remove green waste is great news for us and there is now a plan that, during the next week, our plot will be cleared. I won’t discuss the only other options open to us, as that involved some bending of the rules and a Guy called Fawkes.

So to hay-making; we have chopped up and composted what we can and the rest, weed seeds, thorns and all, is in one big pile awaiting collection.

Our fork isn’t a pitch fork and our rake eventually broke, so it was difficult to get all the material into one big pile, but it finally happened.

Hay made

Hay made


While I made hay, Tanya frolicked in it. Children will be children!
Children will be children

Children will be children


And so it seems, we have turned a corner, we have a clear plot..
A clear site at last

A clear site at last


That’s a long way from when we took occupancy on June 28th, 3 months ago.
It's necessary to remind ouselves - how bad it was

It’s necessary to remind ouselves – how bad it was

We’re cleared, we’re growing veg and we’re thrilled to bits.

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  1. wellywoman says:

    You guys work so hard. It is ridiculous the number of rules regarding allotments. We can’t have any buildings, no sheds, nothing. This is because we have a very impressive castle near the plots and they didn’t want anything unsightly obscuring the view. Of course, the trees now are so large there’s not a chance of seeing the castle from the plot or anything ugly from the castle but will they change the rules? No. Good on you for getting them to see sense. You should be rightly chuffed at how well your plot is looking.

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