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under the moon of love

November 6, 2012 Tips, Tools No Comments
Allotment 2010 002

A great tip came in from Ian Hazlehurst yesterday, thanks Ian for letting us share it..

If you’re having problems with a mole amongst your beds this simple method seems to do the job says Ian on his blog:

‘A Bamboo cane, split at the top, a CD pushed into the split & tied to the cane, then another disc loosely tied to the string loop made from attaching the fixed disk.

‘Hopefully in the wind the fixed disk will vibrate the cane and the loose disk will fly about also shaking the cane, moles don’t like vibrations in the soil.’

double CD anti-mole device

double CD anti-mole device

Seems to be a winner, we looked on the net for further information and sure enough - these frustrating nocturnal creatures, really don’t like vibration

It probably works even better with a Showaddywaddy CD

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