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Victorious Veg and the NVS

November 26, 2012 Tuckers Seeds No Comments

Hi, my name is Chrissie Gregory from Tuckers Seeds in Ashburton.  

I’m in charge of producing our garden seed catalogue, ordering garden seeds and looking after many other aspects of the mail order garden seeds business.



When I’m not at work, there’s nothing I like more than going on long walks with my dog; luckily living in Ashburton with Dartmoor on the doorstep and the coast only half an hour away, we’ve got plenty of scenic walks to choose from.



 Victorious Veg and the NVS

Whether you have an allotment, garden or simply a window box, a day out at your local vegetable and flower show is a must for any gardener.

As a child it will usually mean parents and grandparents helping to create miniature gardens, hours spent trying to cobble together vegetables into one design or another, the colouring in of posters and kitchens filled with clouds of flour for the baking competitions.

Others will harvest their lovingly tended vegetables and flowers on the morning of the show, scrubbing and trimming, trying to find perfectly matching sets and blooms, this is all part and parcel of the preparations for a day exhibiting at a garden show.  

The prize money is usually modest but if you produce a winning entry there is usually a prize card, but more importantly a shared family experience and a fun day out with memories made to be treasured.

An afternoon out at a vegetable show is unlikely to break the bank and will undoubtedly be an education, whether you are a novice or a seasoned vegetable grower.

Talking with other gardeners, trying (and sometimes failing) yourself is absolutely the best way to learn the skills required to reap good things from what you sow; add in the element of some friendly (hopefully) competition and you are likely to see varieties at their very best as well as gaining tips from expert judges and other competitors.

NVS Stand - Harrogate 2012

NVS Stand – Harrogate 2012


Dan Harvey FNVS a well known exhibitor in Devon has won approximately 3000 1st prizes. Dan is also a National Vegetable Society judge and lecturer with a wealth of experience, he recommends the following varieties for victorious vegetables on the show bench.


Masterpiece Green Longpod Broad Bean                         

LibertyRunner Bean                                                            

Enorma Runner Bean                                                          

The Prince Dwarf French Bean                                                        

Pablo F1 Beetroot                                                                                               

Stonehead Cabbage                                                                          

Marcello RZ F1 Cabbage                                   

St. Valery Carrot                                                  

Flyaway Carrot                                                                   

Defender Courgette                                                                           

Kelsae Onion Seed                                                                            

Mammoth Improved Onion Seed                                                    

Verta RZ Parsley                                                                

Gladiator F1 Parsnip                                                                           

Countess F1 Parsnip                                                          

HurstGreenshaft Pea                                                           

Show Perfection Pea                                                                          

Shirley F1 Tomato                                                               

Mecano RZ F1 Tomato                                        

Sturon Onion Sets                                                              

Centurion F1 Onion Sets                                                  

Red Sun Shallot Sets                                                                         

Golden Gourmet Shallot Sets                                            

CasablancaFirst Early White Potato                                              

Winston First Early White Potato                                    

Nadine Second Early White Potato                 

NVS Sherine Second Early White Potato                                       

Blue Belle Second Early Coloured Potato                                      

Kestrel Second Early Coloured Potato                                           

NVS Amour Early Maincrop Coloured Potato                              

Maxine Maincrop  Coloured Potato


All of the above are available to buy from Edwin Tucker & Sons Ltd; either from their shops, at Ashburton and Crediton; or online in the Victorious Veg section  or of course by phone on 01364 652233 or mail order.




Many vegetable growers would benefit from joining the National Vegetable Society, to gain access to further expert advice and local meetings; their magazine Simply Vegetables is quarterly and is packed with useful and interesting advice on growing and showing.

For further information visit their website


The NVS show book

The NVS show book


A Beginners Guide To Growing And Showing Vegetables By Derek Brooks
Edited by David Allison, National Vegetable Society

Derek Brooks regularly writes for the National Vegetable Societies magazine ‘Simply Vegetables’ and often contributes in the Garden News.  “Derek is without question a very experienced vegetable grower who has competed and won prizes at many shows.”

“Getting Started On The Show Bench, will undoubtedly assist the novice grower as well as those that have already staged a few vegetables to get even better at their hobby.”

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