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getting a taste for growing veg

December 3, 2012 Planters, Seed Trays No Comments

Hello, my name is Cheryl Wakley and I work for Potty Innovations as a graphic designer.

I’m also known as the ‘Virgin Gardener’ on our blog, because, despite lacking any interest in gardening at the time was tasked by my colleagues to delve into my own vegetable growing journey when I bought my first home not so long ago.




Delve I did and I can honestly say that since then I have come to really enjoy vegetable growing as a hobby and love the taste of my own home-grown produce.








Potty innovations are all about embracing the adventure of gardening, but making it a little simpler. We are a UK manufacturer and designer of planters, containers, compost bin and seed trays which are lightweight and have excellent insulation properties. All of our products are manufactured from expanded polystyrene, a material which is fully recyclable.


EPS Seed Trays

If you are looking for trays for sowing seeds, expanded polystyrene seed trays are a good choice for their durability and insulation properties.

 We have a range of expanded polystyrene seed trays, the first of which comes in white in either trays of 12 or 24 cells, each of which can be broken in half into two trays for convenience.

Whether growing in the greenhouse or in the conservatory, EPS seed trays are ideal for the germination and growth of seedlings prior to planting out and the insulation properties of the material ensure delicate roots are protected from temperature extremes – especially useful in this chilly weather!  


 This second range of seed trays come in trays of 6 cells and are much deeper with an extra 25mm of space, these are manufactured in a unique ‘speckled’ effect.




When the time comes for replanting, all seed trays have plug holes for easy removal.








Raised Bed Kits

As well as seed trays we also manufacture raised beds, which are great for those who want a small vegetable patch in the garden without too much set-up time. Our ‘Cultivation Station’ is also manufactured from expanded polystyrene in a higher, stronger density than the seed trays but can be assembled in minutes by simply sliding the planters together.




When I started my growing exploits, I had a Cultivation Station in my garden and it has served me really well. It was really easy to set up and I loved the fact that I could pick up the whole thing (without soil of course) and move it around as I was pretty indecisive as to where I wanted my raised bed at the time!




The unique design of the Cultivation Station raised bed allows for a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate large or small gardens or even patios.




Ideal for growing vegetables, the central area is useful for growing deeper rooted veg and the perimeter planter sections for other vegetables, herbs and salads as well as for companion planting – these defined sections are also ideal for easy crop rotation





Thank you for reading this and please visit Potty Innovations  for more information on our product range.

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