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getting personal with the guys at Quickcrop

December 7, 2012 quickcrop 3 Comments

Hi, I’m Andrew Davidson, (I’m on the left with the hat in the photo below) one of the founders of the new independent growers website My business partner Niall McAllister and I have both been keen growers for over 20 years with many friends and neighbours asking us for help and advice in growing fruit and vegetables. As we both have a design and marketing background we decided to create a website all about helping the inexperienced grower to achieve a really successful crop.


Andrew & Niall from Quickcrop

Andrew & Niall from Quickcrop

Niall and myself are originally from the wild landscape of the North West of Ireland where short Summers, Atlantic gales and poor soil are amongst the many hurdles for the budding grower.

We figured if we could grow well there we could grow anywhere so set about creating a site show novice gardeners some of the tips and tricks we’d learned along the way.

Quickcrop started in Ireland but I’m now based in Rugby, Warwickshire (a much easier place to grow!) and have been running our U.K. site for over a year now.

We love the reaction we get, especially on some of the more unique aspects of what we do and are already expanding very quickly in the ‘Grow Your Own’ market.


Quickcrop supplies everything you need to grow your own from our own sturdy timber raised bed kits, soil and compost mixes, right through to seedling plants, seeds and a broad range of tools and equipment.

Our website is not just a shop, we have huge amounts of free information including professionally shot videos, a large plant database and our unique ‘Growmatic’ gardening web tool.

 I’ll give you a look at 2 of our best selling products which are the ones I think are fundamental to the way we do things. We stock no nonsense stuff which actually works and I think these two are good examples of the way we do things.


Raised Beds

We work very closely with our local sawmills and manufacture our own range of sturdy pressure treated timber raised beds. For someone new to vegetable gardening the best way to start is by using a raised bed system. There are many advantages which I’ll list below making raised beds the obvious choice for new and experienced gardeners alike. So, what’s so great about them?

  • They are much easier to work on because of the increased height off the ground.
  • You will have less problems from encroaching weeds and from slugs and snails.
  • You choose the soil that goes into them so can make sure you put the best possible growing medium to ensure you get the best crop.
  • Raised beds warm quicker in the Spring meaning you can start to grow a little earlier.
  • Your garden will be kept neat and tidy.


Premier bed with bench seat

Premier bed with bench seat

Our NEW Premier bed with bench seat.

The bench bed is a new design which is already proving to be one of our best sellers. I made the original for my wife as our vegetable garden is one of the sunniest spots (it always is!) and she wanted somewhere to sit.

The bed is a two tier design with a deep 21 inch side and a 14 inch side meaning you can grow just about anything in this bed. A sturdy bench seat runs the entire length of the bed making it so easy to tend your crops or to just relax in the sunshine!


The Oscillating or Stirrup hoe.

The Oscillating hoe is one of the best kept secrets in vegetable gardening. Professional organic growers have been using them for years but you rarely see them in the mainstream garden shops. They are fantastic and allow you to weed in almost half the time with a minimum of effort. We found them impossible to get when we wanted one so now import them ourselves from Switzerland.


Oscillating hoe

Oscillating hoe

I couldn’t recommend these hoes highly enough, you’ll understand when you get to try one. Why are they so good?

They have a very sharp blade which is actually kept constantly sharp by moving it through the soil.

The blade is sharp on both sides so works on the push and pull stroke.

The blade pivots so pulls itself an inch below the soil surface.

Once you get the knack of it you’ll find it super quick and accurate.


Our FREE Videos and ‘Growmatic’ webtool.

As I’ve mentioned a large part of our site is about giving free information. After all, we want you to have a great time in your garden and to continue vegetable growing so we do everything we can to help.

Our video tutorials are filmed with author and lecturer on organic gardening, Klaus Laitenberger. We bring you right through the season with a variety of crops from seed to the finished vegetable at harvest time. Klaus is a mine of information and with the help of my bumbling presence imparts his vast knowledge in a cheerful and easy to understand manner.Have a look at some of our videos, they’re filmed at home in Ireland with the majestic ‘Ben Bulben’ mountain providing a beautiful backdrop to our vegetable garden.


Growmatic is something we’re really proud of. It’s a bespoke webtool designed by us to help a novice vegetable grower keep track of their garden. You tell the system what you want to grow and when you’ve sown or planted it and Growmatic keeps you up to date and what you need to do along the way. Growmatic sends you email alerts if required to remind you to do the important jobs like pinch out your tomatoes or thin your beetroot seedlings. Have a peek at our little demo to see all the system can do and remember – if you or a gardener you know would like to use the tool – it’s absolutely free of charge. That’s it! I hope I gave you a flavour of what we do, of course there’s loads more and I’d love it if you’d have a look through our site and let us know what you think. Our site is run by vegetable growers, for vegetable growers and we like to think we have a good insight into what you actually need.

In a nutshell we want to be the best ‘Grow Your Own’ website on the internet and are always delighted to hear from you. Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting you soon on our website

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