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Winter Weather North Highbury Allotments

December 11, 2012 Kaz and Stew Brown 2 Comments

A couple of weekends ago, myself and Stew packed our over night bag, loaded the boot with Christmas presents – then set off to Newcastle to visit friends. After a 3 hour drive up (with a stop for Starbucks on the way) we enjoyed a nice hot glass of mulled wine and had a lovely tour of Newcastle city.

Our friends Amanda & Dan, fellow allotmenteers had planned a nice Sunday stroll down to their allotments to give us the grand tour of their site. A very exciting day for them because when we visited on the Sunday, they were upgraded to a bigger plot and we wanted to check it out.

With the sun shining and blue skies above us we set off, talking about their plans for the new plot and what they hoped to get from it next year. North Highbury Allotments is set just off one of the main roads in Gosforth, with a row of beautiful victorian houses behind. Everywhere looked quite asleep with the winter weather really starting to show. Beautiful frost covered leaves…

They’ve had some very wet weather recently (as has most of the country) and we were relieved to find out that they weren’t one of the unfortunate people that sadly had water logged plots. Most of the mini ponds on peoples plots had frozen over, trapping the leaves in the ice which looked really beautiful!

Amanda & Dan’s new plot was really lovely.  It had lots of fruit bushes, strawberries and blackberries already left there – along with a cold frame, which is going to come in very useful. The plot had been divided up so its going to be really easy to do crop rotation. The site was nice, even though most things had died out there we’re still spots of colour here and there.

We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to hearing about their progress. It got us thinking about our plot and the plans we need to make for our plot next year… All exciting lots of planning to do.

Kaz & Stew

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  1. Anna B says:

    Lovely photos! It’s great having a look around other people’s plots isn’t it. It sparks lots of ideas. Thanks for sharing your visit!

    • Kaz says:

      Hi Anna

      Thanks for your lovely comments :D It was so nice to have a good old nosey around. I’vetaken away a good idea for our path on our allotment. We currently have wood chip which doesnt las long at all. But I’ve seen a lovely stone path on someones allotment that would be brilliant and so much more durable!

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