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Spring is coming, because

March 27, 2013 Seeds 8 Comments

London Herb Garden has launched a Spring Kitchen Garden Seed Pack containing vegetable and herb seeds to help allotment holders kick start their spring.

The seeds have been selected to introduce gardeners to some new varieties they may not have grown before.

The seed packs contain: yellow pear tomato, Paris market carrots, asparagus pea, lettuce catalogna, Genovese basil and giganta parsley.

Yellow Pear tomato: This heritage variety actually hails from American shores. It was developed on the East Coast and grown in Vermont since the early 19th century. The yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes are exceptionally sweet, and make a fantastic addition to any tomato collection.

Paris market carrots: These small, gobstopper-sized carrots are great for growing quickly and in stony or heavy soils. They are also super sweet, and great for eating and cooking whole.

Asparagus pea: A legume, this plant produces crinkled pods which can be steamed whole. They have a slight asparagus flavour, hence the name. It is also a very beautiful plant with bright red flowers, and the plant can be grown up supports to make a fantastic display.


Asparagus Pea

Asparagus Pea


Lettuce Catalogna: This handsome plant has tall, spiked leaves and a strong flavour. Also known as raddichetta, the leaves’ slight bitter tang add a roundness to any salad.

Genovese basil: Very few kitchen gardeners won’t have tried making their own pesto out of home grown basil, but improve it by using the correct variety. This Italian variety is grown specifically for use in pesto and has large, lush leaves with a faint cinnamon scent. Great for adding to many, many dishes from the kitchen garden.

Giganta parsley: The curled parsley varieties in your garden are probably already back up again, despite the cold weather, but consider adding this flat-leaved parsley to your collection. It is great in salads, and is used as a salad-like leaf in many cultures, being found in tabbouleh as well as many Italian dishes.

Despite the cold start to the spring season, growers shouldn’t be discouraged. There is still plenty of time to sow the seeds and plants sown later will catch up with those sown earlier.


London Herb Garden has recently updated its packaging in response to customer comments. The packets now come boxed, and with instructions for sowing. To order click HERE

To help kitchen gardeners and allotment owners, particularly those new to growing their own, growing guides and gardening tips can be found on LHG’s website

Currently there are "8 comments" on this Article:

  1. Triona says:

    How to I order this and how much does it cost?

  2. royw says:

    Hi Triona, there is a link to the LHG site, it’s at

    These packs make beautiful gifts

    best wishes, Roy

    • Triona says:

      Thanks Roy!

      Far to selfish to give them as gifts, these are for ME! Anyway, unfortunately my circle of friends wouldn’t have any interest… more fool them!


  3. Triona says:

    When I clicked on the link I discovered they only deliver to UK address :( I’m in Ireland. Oh well…

    • royw says:

      yes we could see from your IP address, that’s why we put you in touch directly with the ‘guvner’

      • Triona says:

        LOL, so you’re not just a pretty face then!!
        I’ll wait to hear from them and see if they’ll send it to me. If not maybe I will get it delivered to my brother in London…

  4. Triona, many thanks for your interest in the seeds.

    However, we are unable to ship to Ireland due to import and export restrictions on seeds.

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