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May 15, 2013 Gotalottie 1 Comment

A large curtain-sided truck arrived last week with the latest addition to our allotment. It’s contents - an assignment of palletised raised bed kits from the award-winning Woodblocx company.

The delivery was on schedule, within 3 days of placing the order and within 15 minutes of the stated delivery time. It’s not often that you receive service like that.

It’s a lot of timber; strong, pressure-treated and definitely designed to last a very long time.


I never managed to drive the fork lift truck.

Our raised bed measures 2250mm x 1125mm x 450mm and designed for a large collection of sun-loving herbs at the back of our plot. The area is already surrounded by raised beds also for herbs and in the process of being planted. This is the most sheltered part of the plot – a sun trap – somewhere to sit, drink tea and watch the plants grow.

 The area in which the raised bed is to be installed had been cleared and levelled; we applied a small amount of fine grit to assist the levelling and finished with a damp and weedproof membrane. We were all ready to make a start and then it rained! It gave me one last chance to check the instructions from the comfort of our brolley.

The instructions were clear at every stage, the components were simple and everything appeared to be very well engineered. It could be argued that it’s only a large lego set and in effect, it is; however we’d read some stories of people having to drill out holes again as the instructions hadn’t been followed correctly.

Stage 1 is quite simple – isolate the components for the first layer of blocks and insert all the pegs before placing the blocks in their correct position. This is very logical, reducing the disturbance to the sand or grit base. Once this is completed, it was one last check with the spirit level to make sure everything was as it should be.

Driving home the pegs into each of the blocks for the first layer.


Stage 2 is the fitting of the second layer, following the pattern in the instructions and gently tapping home each of the blocks so the previous blocks are correctly ‘bonded’. It is worthy of a mention, that the design team at Woodblocx have provided a detailed view of each layer of blocks and the position of each wedge peg for that layer.

Each of the plastic pegs have an additional plastic wedge component which, when hammered in, forces the top of the previous plastic peg outwards to securely grip the block at the base. This method creates a strong interconnected bond between all of the components.

Forming the ‘next’ layer. It’s a simple task to fit these overlapping blocks, they’re firmly located at the next stage – the fitting of the plastic plugs for the following layer.


This continues up through to the last layer of standard blocks and finally –  the last set of plastic plugs and galvanised corner inserts are then fitted. The final row of plastic plugs are then reduced in height with a simple handsaw to allow the shaped capping blocks to be fixed. In a perfect world, there might have been a separate pack of shorter ’top’ dowels provided specifically for this task; however this might add some confusion for a first-time builder.

The capping fits well and is a very solid and snug fit on the top of the bed. The mitred corners are precise and aesthetically very pleasing.


The finished bed. All the components fitted exactly first time. A very solid professional product.


That’s it! It was extremely easy to construct, the instructions precise and informative and every part was machined perfectly. The advice that we would give is to take your time, get the first layer down onto a level base and all will be well.

The range is very comprehensive and the team at Woodblocx can easily create a unique size according to your requirements. We’ve been aware of a few criticisms with regard to the cost of the product and we would be the first to refute these. The workmanship is superb and has clearly been designed and built to last a very long time. There is absolutely no comparison between a simple raised bed made out of a few lengths of fascia board and a product of this calibre.

What a beautiful addition to any garden. It’s in a very prominent position on our plot and we will gain a lot of pleasure from it as a result. An absolute 10/10 to Henry and his team!

Hopefully, when this rain eventually stops – we’ll soon be filling it.

Please take a look at the range of Woodblocx raised beds here.

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  1. wellywoman says:

    What a great addition to your plot. Can’t wait to see them all planted up. My own raised beds were put in when we were first moved in and we didn’t have much spare cash but I’ll keep woodblocx in mind for the future.

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