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allotmentor – knowledgeable allotment neighbour

May 22, 2013 Tools No Comments

A couple of years ago, two friends, Damion Young  and Simon Haynes, were talking about their allotments and their passion for grow your own. In their day jobs, the web is a key part of their work – Damion in web development for technology enhanced learning at Oxford University and Simon on the more creative side in web design.


Looking around the web, they were surprised and frustrated by the lack of effective tools to help them plan and keep track of their growing online, so they decided to set about developing what they needed themselves.

Allotmentor was born.


Allotmentor is your friendly and knowledgeable virtual ‘allotment neighbour’, offering advice on when and where to grow and is configured precisely to your plot and growing preferences and preferred planting layout.

The application is quite straightforward to use, you recreate your plot using the software application, using google maps if required, mark out your paths, sheds, waterbutts etc and create your preferred bed layouts. It’s then a simple task to add crops; there’s more than 50 of the most common fruit and veg pre-installed on the system with more than 900 varieties to choose from and if that’s not enough – then it’s a simple task to add your own. The planner application notes when each crop was added and plans your layout in subsequent years, so that adequate crop rotation is adhered to.

zooming in on the allotment planner

One of Allotmentor’s dedicated users – Mike Dighton of Greater Manchester – has allowed us access to his plot plan to demonstrate the power of the planner application. Please feel free to view this by clicking here

Other features

The notebook allows you to add notes to your plan, helping you to keep track of what you have done this year so that you can recall this information next year.

The calendar provides you with information and reminders on what needs to be done on your plot during this week or month and even allows you to create a personal crop calendar from your plot plan.

The crop guides provide access to everything you need to know about sowing, planting, caring for and harvesting your crops including: different approaches to growing; common problems; likes and dislikes

running the app on a mobile


There’s a very useful pest and disease troubleshooter helping you to identify the cause of problems and how to deal with them.



If all of this wasn’t enough, there’s also an online community, to share your plot ideas and top tips with the rest of the green-fingered community.


Allotmentor is available via an app currently developed for the Android platform, giving you access to many of the online tools while on your plot via your mobile phone. Damion and Simon are planning to extend this to the iPhone during the coming months.


If you fancy trying the Allotmentor plot planner, visit their website and register, we understand that the application is completely free of charge – you really can’t get any better than that.





I saw ‘Cutworm’ mentioned on the pest and disease section, I’m off to have a look. 


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