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July 22, 2013 Gotalottie No Comments

it only seemed like 3 weeks ago, that everything was so green, so lush. We hadn’t had a lot of rain but the beds were holding out well with water retention very high.

1st July - sweet peas away

1st July – sweet peas away

The sweet peas were romping up the frames with regular pickings on long stems.

The salad veg was well underway with weekly staggered pickings of a few leaves each and the mangetout were in constant flower with regular crops of healthy pods.

salads, mangetout - all healthy. Poached egg falling away and nasturtiums rallying.

salads, mangetout – all healthy. Poached egg falling away and nasturtiums rallying

The pollinating plants were starting to attract a lot of insect life.

more sweetpeas

more sweetpeas

dwarf nasturtiums set in the french beans

dwarf nasturtiums set in the french beans

which is of course – all good for our veg.

mini cukes enjoying the insect life

mini cukes enjoying the insect life

Squashes - easily pollenated

Squashes – easily pollenated


But, as you now know, we’ve been having a heatwave. I truly cant recall the last time that it rained to be honest, maybe it was for an hour and five weeks or so ago?

Even our thick no-dig beds are struggling. The top 3 inches are very dry and the worms have moved a long way down. It’s necessary to water of course and this is something that we don’t like having to do. The beans have been getting the most attention but even with their daily watering rituals, the beds are failing. We need rain!

mangetout have failed - lacklustre

mangetout have failed – lacklustre

At the weekend, we pulled another hefty crop of mangetout, but it was worthless and it will all be shredded and go back on the compost heap. They’re too dry, stringy and pale. Three of the four frames can be lifted now. The fourth is stuggling. Thankfully we have another sowing waiting in the shade and this will go in one of the hotbeds where things are moist and fertile.

We have some encouraging crops coming from the plot now - which only 12 months ago, was derelict and moribund.

healthy harvests

healthy harvests


But we, as are many plotholders up and down the country, are struggling without water. It’s necessary to have a respite from this weather, so that we can get our beds back on track.

The 5a.m. water butt filling is tiresome and the head-butting and eye-gouging at the taps – unpleasant.

Rain please!


































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