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no-dig, drought and our over-loved carrots

July 28, 2013 Gotalottie No Comments

Having had a rather luxurious top growth to the Parsnips despite any attempts to water them; we’ve had a reverse reaction with our carrots. Sown late March, they were a little slow to get started and foliage has been quite small.

The recent drought started up here way back in May and while we don’t keep a record of rainfall, we sensed that they were in need of additional water. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to overwater deep-rooted veg as the roots aren’t encouraged to go force their way down and results can be rather top heavy – all greens, little orange!

Our beds have been suffering of late and we’ve opted to hand water the carrots twice a week, in order to keep some moisture available for them. We’ve watered approximately 15cms away from the centre of the carrots in an attempt to get water down to the base of the roots, rather than around the stems.

We pulled a few plants at the weekend and the results were good. The side roots have swollen though at 10-15cms depth indicating that water was present at this depth and we can’t help but thinking that we shouldn’t have watered at all.


aesthetically challenged

aesthetically challenged


Never mind the quality though – feel the width!. There might be some strange looking veg in another 6 weeks time – co-inciding with our local allotment association competition..

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