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 Name: Christine Wilmot

About me: Hi my name is Chris, my Husband Paul and I run ‘Pollinatr’ – a business selling wildflowers and nectar rich plants. Our aim is to help save the Bees, Butterflies and all the other pollinating insects.



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Name: Kaz and Stew Brown

About us: Hi we’re Kaz & Stew Brown from Hazel Grove, Stockport. After being on our local allotment waiting list for 2.5 years we signed up for our half plot in October 2011.

Stew and I are at a beginner level when it comes to growing your own, but with the help of our allotment friends and countless book/mags we’re slowly but surely getting the hang of allotmenteering. We like to take photos of our progress.

Spending time outdoors is great and what better way than to work the land! Like Tom & Barbara, we’re living The Good Life the Brown way.


lees first leeks

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Name: Lee Burns

About me: I’ve been tending our plot in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne with my girlfriend Kasia since June 2011. We’re first time allotmenteers, so although we’ve learned a lot already, we’re definitely still on a steep learning curve! Living in a city, and not having a garden, the allotment has become a great place for us to spend time outdoors. Having taken over a jungle of weeds, it has been great to bring a bit of order to the chaos, and we’ve even managed to produce some decent crops in our first full season! 

Mark Willis

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Name: Mark Willis

About me: I live in Fleet, Hampshire, where I grow an extensive range of fruit and veg in my little domestic garden. I don’t have a Lottie, but having being gardening for about 30 years I know how to squeeze a lot out of a little! As well as gardening, I am an enthusiastic Foodie and amateur chef. I love photography and publish a record of my gardening and cookery antics on my blog “Marksvegplot”.

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Name: Nadine Mitschunas

About me: I started gardening as a hobby about 13 years ago and for the last 4 years I am interested in vegetable and fruit gardening. I got my allotment about 3 years ago and try to maintain it as wildlife friendly as possible. I am especially fond of pollinating insects and interplant my fruit and vegetables with lots of flowers. Pollinators also play a main part at my work as I am working as a research technician in the Urban Pollinators Project which is investigating insect pollinators in urban habitats in the UK.

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Name: Pippa

About me: So where do you start when you have zero knowledge of gardening, love fresh cut flowers from the supermarket, can’t speak Latin and have just bought your first home with a garden which even my amateur eyes recognised needed an overhaul, as it slid stealth like down the slope towards the back of my cottage…
I turned to twitter, where I have been engulfed in a great gardening community who warmly, enthusiastically and probably mostly, laugh at my attempts to grasp the basics.

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Name: Stuart Sidebotham

About me: My name is Stuart and I have had my half plot since April 2012. My wife Lauren helps me with the allotment and she gives me great support! I am a novice to the game of ‘Growing your Own’. What we have learnt is through hard graft and hard research, either that would be through reading books to reading other peoples blogs. However, nothing beats the actual thing, there’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty and seeing that little seed turning into something you can eat. So please come with me on this adventure.

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